Vehicle Maintenance

How do I know if my car needs extra maintenance?




It's important to listen to your car and deal with any car maintenance problems immediately. Be on alert for changes in performance, sounds and visual tip-offs that indicate service or repairs may be needed.
If you experience any of the following early warning signs, make sure that you have Toyota Azad Service Centre inspect your car at the earliest possible opportunity.



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How to prevent problems from happening

The best way to ensure trouble-free motoring for years and years is to develop a habit of regularly checking under the bonnet and around your Toyota. The following quick checks could save you money in future. If you're unsure how to carry out the checklist, see your Service & Warranty Logbook or ask your Toyota Service Advisor for a demonstration at your next service.
Three things to check regularly:

  • Check engine oil/coolant/brake/clutch/windscreen washer fluid levels.
  • Check tyre pressure including spare (when cold)
  • At home, you should walk around your car checking all lights and indicators are operating
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